The benefits of patient referral for you, your patient and your practice

Many of the dental professionals, general medical practitioners and related specialists in Toowoomba and the surrounding region often refer patients to Dr William Bruce for treatment of complex or unusual restorative procedures. As a Prosthodontist who has worked in Toowoomba for the past 20 years, Bill has established himself as a true profession who works closely with others ensuring the best outcomes for his patients.

Bill is totally committed to providing the highest standards of quality of ethical care. The equipment and technology utilised is such that excellent results are achieved comfortably and efficiently. The relationship developed with you and your patient is fundamental and you can be assured that you will always remain fully informed of your patient’s progress in a timely manner. Bill will thoroughly explain all aspects of the treatment provided and assist the patient with details of what they should expect as a result.

Following completion of your patient’s treatment, we provide a medical report to you and advise the patient to contact your office for follow-up appointments and continuing care.

Dr William Bruce will continue to be available to discuss your patient’s needs should the need ever arise.

Referral of your patients to a specialist confirms that you care enough to ensure they receive the best and most effective treatment available. It is our responsibility to provide the specialist treatment they are in need of.

Referral Patient Details
Male Female
Comprehensive Management
Dental Implant
Crown and Bridge
Venners / Cosmetic Improvement
Worn Dentition
Opinion only
Referring Dentist Details

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